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Expanding the Vision

Outsiders can broaden perspectives and warn about traps that result from a narrow vision.

There are major projects now:

  • Teach for America, which provides outstanding college graduate teachers to schools in needy neighborhoods.
  • Generation Wow, a new initiative by Donna Orender’s Generation W organization that promotes women’s leadership.

The foundation will house all of the credit union’s charitable giving. The current budget is about $100,000, but the goal is to push that to $1 million, said CEO John Hirabayashi in a meeting with the Times-Union editorial board.

The nonprofit status will allow the foundation to raise funds through grants, too.

Part of the goal is finding a project that will make an impact locally. Special emphasis will focus on financial literacy, education and health and welfare.

Certainly there are many worthy educational goals that fit with the credit union’s culture. The Times-Union suggested one possibility that ought to resonate with Hirabayashi, an active leader with Jacksonville Community Council Inc. This community needs to address the needless deaths resulting from suicide and a serious lack of mental health services.

As a suicide survivor wrote the Times-Union, “We need to address the awful stigma of mental illness.”

And what could be more meaningful than saving a life?

JCCI Forward, the young adult group, studied teen suicide a few years ago, funded by the Times-Union. But there is a need for a broader study of suicide and mental health as well.


Grant Recipient: Monique Burr Foundation

Monique Burr Foundation Teen Safety Matters Program

A new program, MBF Teen Safety Matters™, was recently launched by the Monique Burr Foundation for Children to prevent child abuse and bullying among teen-agers. 

Poverty is a silent epidemic in our schools, and many issues with attendance and academics are directly related to students not having clean clothes, shoes that fit, or the supplies they need to be successful in school. Students want to feel good about themselves when they come to school, and we want to help them have everything they need to learn. We could not have opened our first on-site classroom-sized Giving Closet without this funding and volunteer support.

Jennifer Smith, DCPS teacher and Founder of The Giving Closet Project.

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Have a Special Project?

The Community First Cares Foundation supports projects that place a special emphasis on activities that improve financial literacy, enhance the quality of our educational system, upgrade the health and welfare of our community and help the underserved citizens improve their quality of life.  We offer funding to help our community partners implement these initiative right here on the First Coast.